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Donations under false pretenses – Is this legal?

The museum that started and sponsored our charter school wanted to build a new museum. So they used our charter school for fundraising (i.e. touted the excellence of the school, used our students for fundraising efforts and photo ops, the students collected donations from neighbors and churches in support of the students, etc). Now that they’ve got the money, they are dumping our school and will be using the classrooms in the new museum that were designed for our school to generate revenue from special educational programs and afterschool programs. The school was listed as a part of the museum during fundraising efforts and was stated to be a part of the new museum. So our students raised a lot of money and put a lot of time into fundraising for the new museum which would have been their new school and a lot of people donated money with the school listed as being a part of the museum. Isn’t this fraud or misrepresentation? Was it legal for them to do this?

It is fraud and theft by deception…they can be both sued and prosecuted if what you say is correct.

Does anyone think they should just bulldoze all of Tiger Stadium?

If they do keep some of it, will it benefit the city? I don’t like the idea of another museum that people go to once and then the following year it requires fundraising to be saved. Put something there that adds some economic value.

Visit and you’ll see the full plans and be able to contribute to save Tiger STadium. They do plan to put some teams in there and allow youth leagues to play there, It only sat vacant because Illitch operated it and promoted Comerica more and made it harder to use Tiger Stadium. So visit if you want the true answers.

Is volunteer work and community service the same thing in terms of what black sororities are looking for?

I have been putting in alot of volunteer work in at festivals, museums, and fundraising. I am wondering if this is the same as "community service" hours that many black sororities are looking for? Or are volunteer work and community service seperate things?

Volunteer work and community service are two terms for precisely the same thing.

When you volunteer to do something, you are serving the community.

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