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Why has the admission fees to most every museum in New York doubled over the last 5 years ?

unless I am mistaken, salaries have not doubled.
As a new yorker living in Belgium the last 15 years on a Belgain salary my last visit home was an eye opener.

Spent $120 dollars just to get my familly in the Bronx Zoo. Plus parking, plus the bridges……
yes, of course, but those costs have not doubled.

I agree, it’s awful.

A few suggestions:

Many museums were originally built on City owned land. They were required to be admission by "donation". Years ago, at least two of them (The Metropolitan Museum and the Museum of Natural History) had signs up that said "Pay what you like, but you must pay something." Well, they took the signs down, but they still have that policy. You can pay whatever you like when you go to those museums. I, for one, do NOT pay $20 to go to the Met, it’s way too much. I do give something, usually around $10 or so, and they WILL admit you if you pay whatever you like (though, these days, they are no longer as nice about it.)

The other suggestion I have is to join as a "family member". That’s not cheap, either, but it works out over the long run, if you even go just a few times a year, especially if you have kids. I am a member at many institutions, and not only does it work out to be cheaper, but I find I go more often, because I might go when I don’t have time to spend the whole day, but can only go for a short time, since it’s free to just pop in.

But you are right, the admission fees are just too high!

Any interesting museum in New York City?

Any interesting museum in New York City that you recommend. Like Ripley’s Believe it or not or Madame Tussuad’s wax museum. Something fun and interesting.

The American Museum of Natural History also has a planetarium and extends along Central Park West for a couple of blocks beyond 79th St. (NOT 72nd. St.). It’s rather expensive, but you can stay all day if you wish. It has the best dinosaur collection in the world and a beautiful rock and mineral collection among exhibits on virtually every aspect of the natural world and science. It has a direct entrance from the subway, which is usually open.

Where can I find Sony Wonders Museum in new york?

I looking for the sony wonders museum in new york city and where can I find information about it on the internet?

Sony Wonder Lab is on Madison Avenue and East 56th Street. Admission is free. On the way in, you take a photo and make a "badge" – I wish I looked as good on my passport photo.

In the same neighborhood with Sony, is FAO Schwarz on Fifth Avenue and 58th Street – the most incredible toy store – it’s a wonderful place to visit. You’re greeted by a huge singing clocktower that sings "Welcome to Our Wonderful World of Toys". There’s a giant robot – it you go around back, you find out that it’s really an elevator. Take it to the giant grand piano (the one used in the movie "Big"). If you step on a key, it lights up – there are shows all day long with dancers dancing on the keyboard. There’s an ice cream parlor in the basement.

If you have a sweet tooth, Dylan’s Candy Bar and Serendiipity on 60th and Third Avenue.

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