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guggenheim or metropolitan museum in new york?

i have to pick, not sure which one…

I just went to New York in February and had planned on going to both museums. On one day I went to the MET and it was absolutely amazing, breathtaking as I am currently doing a degree in Art History. I saw tons of works that I have been learning about in school and it was really just amazing to experience that. The next day I went to the Guggenheim and was really disappointed. For some reason they basically cleared all the art out of the main halls and just had a few in the side halls. If you want to go to the guggenheim its not because you are going to see the 5 Picassos and 3 Cezannes (I’m exaggerating a tad) that they have there its all about the architecture and the appreciation of Frank Lloyd Wright. If I were you I would visit the Metropolitan museum of art.

New York City Metropolitan Museum of Art: Are the steps marble? Stone? ?

I’m writing a story where i say, we ascend the marble steps. But is that not quite correct? Are they actually stone? Or is it accurate enough to say that?

Thanks so much for any replies!

They’re made of granite .Here’s an image…

The give-away is that it sparkles .Granite is made of quartz, feldspar, hornblende and mica
It’s the quartz & mica that are sparkling

native>who’s been up and down those steps many times

What is the best thing to see at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City?

I am doing a report on the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the one in New York). And I was wondering what is the best thing to see there, and please go into detail. Thanks

My favorite (and, it’s not popular, it’s not even well known) is the Gubbio Studio. It’s a fifteenth century library in a duke’s palace. As you walk into this room, you see cabinets, closets, bookcases filled with books, musical instruments, scientific instruments, all made of little pieces of inlaid wood. You are not going to believe it when you get close – it’s flat! This should take your breath away – I can’t describe it. And the museum hardly advertises it. It’s on the first floor, north of the medieval sculpture court.

Next favorite are the weapons and armor:

Then, the costumes

You can’t possibly see this place in one visit. It’s one of the greatest museums in the world.

I agreee with Tham about The Cloisters – love that place – and I love the music they play – Gregorian chants.

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