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New York City Museums in the Upper East Side

What to do in museums of

the upper east side

what NY socialites do in 10021

A New York Socialite is brought up to be cultured, educated and to love and be passionate about the arts. There is no greater appreciation than support and patronage of museums. While it does not always require a wing be named after a socialite family, love of art can be expressed in a multitude of ways. This blog is an expression for the love of art in New York Museums. You can even call it a passion.

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does anyone know the National Museum hours in Manila on Sunday and the admission price?

I suggest you contact the Museum first. Last I heard the place was closed for an extensive renovation.

P. Burgos St., Manila, Philippines
Tel. No. 527 12 15

Why did it take Obama 3 days to comment on the Recruiter shooting, but just hours to comment on the Museum?

I guess it helps when the Zionists are programming the Teleprompter.

Liberals don’t care about Muslims killing Americans. They only care about Americans killing terrorists.

ART History: Limbourg brothers Tre Riches Book of Hours, what Museum?

I’m looking for information on where the Limbourg Brothers, "Tre Riches" Book of Hours created for the Duc de Berry is located? What museum?

When I was in Paris they had postcards of the different months at the Louvre gift shop, but I did not see the actual art anywhere….I also checked the Museum de Moyen Age (Middle ages)…I’m thinking they only had that because some scene of Paris are depicted in the Book.

I’d like to see it in person, so any help is appreciated.

They are in the Musée Condé of the Château de Chantilly.

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