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Burt Bacharach performs “Alfie” at 92nd Street Y Spring Gala

0 Burt Bacharach performs Alfie at 92nd Street Y Spring Gala

What the World Needs Now…Featuring the Music of: Burt Bacharach

The 92nd Street Y’s Annual Spring Gala featuring the music of Burt Bacharach, with performances by:

Elvis Costello
Sarah Dash
Cheyenne Jackson
Steven Weber
Jill O’Hara
John Pagano
Young People’s Chorus of New York City

Dionne Warwick
And a special appearance by Burt Bacharach

Proceeds from the Spring Gala support the 92nd Street Y’s myriad programs which strengthen and connect culture, community and the world.

Event Chairs: Helen & Bob Appel, Dana & Michael Goldstein, Lori & Marc Kasowitz, Tami & Fredric Mack

Event Vice-Chairs: Jill & Darius Bikoff, Stacey & Matthew Bronfman, Nancy & Paul Levy, Cheryl & Michael Minikes, Jenny & John Paulson

Journal Chairs: Lisa & Orin Wilf

Duration : 0:6:31


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13 Responses to “Burt Bacharach performs “Alfie” at 92nd Street Y Spring Gala”

  • Ronedddington says:

    Like Burt said, …
    Like Burt said, maybe the best lyrics every written by anybody. Kudos to Hal David. The music is deliciously under stated. The best ever.

  • CreideikiRox says:

    @isarte2007 watch …
    @isarte2007 watch the movie. you’re very close.

  • jjdubs says:

    He, like Paul …
    He, like Paul Williams, can’t sing worth a snap but MAN has he written some great songs.

  • goff50 says:

    just one …

    just one word “Idiot”

  • boldstandard says:

    @B0njiB He never …
    @B0njiB He never had any pretense about being a great singer. He is renowned for being a great songwriter/ composer/ arranger/ conductor. Talent doesn’t require for everyone to sing like your idol Justin Beiber so get a life. ;-P

  • Jimpsterz says:

    alfie is god
    alfie is god

  • B0njiB says:

    Ok, i’ll be the one …
    Ok, i’ll be the one to say it. He has no talent and the lyrics to this song suck. I can’t figure out how a no talent hack can get such a following. I want to break both of his legs with a fire extinguisher. Mr rogers sang better than this.

  • isarte2007 says:

    Alfie seems to be a …
    Alfie seems to be a carefree guy who hasn’t fallen in love and maybe doesn’t believe it exists because his heart wasn’t involved before and the singer asks him about love and tells him there is true love if he uses his heart to find it. Maybe he’s a playboy type?

  • GrotrianSeiler says:

    Such a beautiful …
    Such a beautiful human being.

  • tribecalofter says:

    What a creative …
    What a creative artist and sensitive human being.
    I loved these in the 60′s with Dionne and I love Ron Isley as much or more..
    Musician that is timeless. Wish I had been in NY to attend this!

  • Enerkhan says:

    I feel touched by …
    I feel touched by this man’s honest emotion through his old, broken voice, expressed with the gentle acceptancing heart that sometimes seems to shine through in in some people, in old age. Heart breathing, beautiful.

  • lmossey says:

    Poetry that is …
    Poetry that is sorely missed in today’s popular music offerings, Bacharach’s tunes will live forever. One of my favorite songs to reflect by.

  • HatethisplaceX says:

    i could listen to …
    i could listen to his voice forever.

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