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92Y Emergency Update


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  • Matthew Davis says:

    Emergency update !!!!!!!!!!!?
    For those who dont know the story My best friend Sasha told me Saturday (May 23. 2009) morning that she was driving from Phoenix Arizona to here in LA to see her mom then she said she was gonna come see me. The last text i got from her that morning around 9:30 am or 10:00 am it was somewhere in the morning she said she was drivin here she was on her way. I gave her ma address to my house. I think it takes 5 to 6 hours to get out here. I haven’t got a call or text from her since that morning and its the been over a week days now and I haven’t got a text or call from her still idk what to do :( ……………..

    So now this is what her cousin tells me:

    well yeah i found out what happened to her she did leave to la that saturday but her father made her come back cause her little brother got sick then after that she left again later that day on saturday and just no one heard from her till tonight she came back with a police escort and she wont say where she was or what happened to her shes really out of it

    what does she mean by shes out of it ? and what should i do?

  • Rush74 says:

    I would say out of it means that she’s messed up on drugs or something/
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  • antonique_t says:

    she may have been distressed because of her brother being sick or angry cause she couldn’t leave. Be a friend and a shoulder when she needs it the best tool friends have is listening and support
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