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George Carlin at the 92nd Street Y: April 2001

0 George Carlin at the 92nd Street Y: April 2001 On April 30, 2001, comedian Judy Gold interviewed Grammy Award-winning comic legend George Carlin at Congregation Rodeph Sholom as part of the 92nd Street Y’s Funny People Series. You can listen to the whole program here for many of Carlin’s stories about his life and comedy career, including an extended explanation of the “Seven Dirty Words.”

Download the audio file in mp3 form, here:

Duration : 0:55:44


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23 Responses to “George Carlin at the 92nd Street Y: April 2001”

  • OrthodoxDarwinist says:

    I thought Carlin …
    I thought Carlin was too intelligent and genuine to associate with the hypocrite propagandists at 92nd street Y.

  • 2112murphy says:

    @cheechanchux No …
    @cheechanchux No love for Lenny Bruce? No Carlin without Lenny.

  • cheechanchux says:

    George Carlin
    Bill …

    George Carlin
    Bill Hicks
    Richard Pryor
    Rest in peace

    Those I see can getting there: Dave Chappelle, Louis CK, Daniel Tosh

  • MickyG4444 says:

    @TheFrankrogers …
    @TheFrankrogers Bill Hicks is pretty good too, but yeah he was one of a kind

  • sagar246246 says:

    never found his act …
    never found his act funny
    he never made a joke but only spoke truth

  • EnthalpyH says:

    April 2001, 5 …
    April 2001, 5 months before one of the worst single acts committed by religion.

  • RhiehnD says:

    @mancamiatipoola …
    @mancamiatipoola I’ve seen a clip somewhere where Carlin mentioned Bill hicks’ talent.

  • TheFrankrogers says:

    why is it that …
    why is it that there is no one else i can listen to like this man

  • CoolerKing37 says:

    @mancamiatipoola He …
    @mancamiatipoola He mentioned Hicks during his Jon Stewart interview as one of the many great comics that died too young.

  • 13flicto says:

    hell yeah!!! Carlin …
    yeah!!! Carlin knows what’s best!!! Mitch Hedberg…all these guys are complete genius! unforgettable and irreplacable!

  • mancamiatipoola says:

    Brilliant, …
    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. An artist, a genius, a true gentleman.
    I sure wish i could read some of those 1500 text files he had in his computer.
    I like how hereferenced a lot of talented comedians, but i’m surprised he never mentioned Bill Hicks, another comic genius and rebel like himself, i’m sure he must have at least heard of him.
    George Carlin’s voice will forever be a shining beacon to guide humanity in the right way, if we ever choose to listen…

  • made4djing says:

    This man was a true …
    This man was a true genius . I look at him as a role model.

  • forthashorteez says:

    George Carlin likes …
    George Carlin likes Mitch Hedberg, that is so awesome….

  • Declanth1 says:

    I saw George Carlin …
    I saw George Carlin in concert in the 1990s. He me off and then made me bust a gut laughing.

  • MrTheJackxter says:

    Rest in peace dear …
    Rest in peace dear Georgie, thanks for being there for us, you had the power to make people think better and question better. You will be in remembrance forever.

  • lexcage says:

    GC, the best there …
    GC, the best there ever was

  • akn0ledge says:

    great interview. …
    great interview. man what i woulda given to see george carlin live….rip

  • 37Dionysos says:

    A great listen from …
    A great listen from which new talent should learn about how to develop—-AND, Let’s hope that someday they publish George Carlin’s Left-Over Materials—he says at 25minutes that he had 1500 unused files on his computer!

  • TheMarine250789 says:

    I’ve never had an …
    I’ve never had an idol, but Einstein and George Carlin are one of a kind persons with life universal understandings of our species.

    I’m just sad I never discovered George Carlin until now

  • 1L1R1A says:

    George is not dead …
    George is not dead he is in hiding!

  • larstait says:

    “Turning it over to …
    “Turning it over to the traders and to the priests was a wrong turn for this species.”

  • tparkrok4life says:

    I could listen to …
    I could listen to George Carlin talk and impart his wisdom forever… Hands down the BEST comedian ever… He died way to early… God, I wish he was still alive…

  • TheCratt says:

    George is in …
    George is in everyones heart. A wonderful comedian and not afraid to rant about anything and did a great job as Rufus on the Bill and Ted series.

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