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Share Your Story at the 92nd Street Y Street Fair

0 Share Your Story at the 92nd Street Y Street FairSharing Stories about the 92nd Street Y in New York City. To learn more about the 92nd Street Y, visit

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17 Responses to “Share Your Story at the 92nd Street Y Street Fair”

  • hogwldfltr says:

    I also used to go …
    I also used to go there. I was a young pup and can still remember the smell of Chlorine there. The set up of the pool and the old locker rooms. Used to live on 93rd.

  • mississippi2008 says:

    thanks for 92nd …
    thanks for 92nd street y

  • robvanvelzen says:

    Tip: Johnny …
    Tip: Johnny Hallyday Mon Fils. Live. Superclip…..Spookstad…..Comment?

  • retothero says:

    lol grandpa doesn’t …
    lol grandpa doesn’t get the chance to finish his awesome story :<

  • JoeAuriun says:

    Haha, little kid …
    Haha, little kid talking like she is 50

  • DarenSirboughMusic says:

    Love the accents. …
    Love the accents. I’m an Aussie so it’s different over here.

  • Sergeydgr8 says:

    I performed at …
    I performed at Carnegie on that day…lol

  • xsited1 says:

    I started eating at …
    I started eating at the Y when I was just a teenager. I’m married now, but I still try to eat at the Y at least once a week.

  • Kingplayboy49 says:

    germany/berlin is …
    germany/berlin is the best city!!!!

  • randomgirl007 says:

    Oh my goodness, the …
    Oh my goodness, the little redhead at 1:53 is precious!!!!

  • TheOnlyChoosenOne says:

    lol I wasn’t …
    lol I wasn’t looking at the video and thought the old man sounded like bat man!(the first person)

  • 12scolsrud says:

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    hi everyone stop by my page sometime,i love to make everyone laugh

  • treesandrainbows says:

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    This Acually Wrks…………………
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    2-Say ur best friend’s name 5 times
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  • prolift says:

    En 1997 una chica …
    En 1997 una chica llamada lauren, estaba caminando en un bosque,despues desaparecio de repente nunca nadie la encontro hasta el 2000 cuando otra chica llama Mary encontro su cuerpo y unas marcas en su pecho decian: no era lo suficiente hermosa” y ahora´╗┐ que haz leido esto ella aparecera en tu espejo diciendo que no eres lo suficientemente hermoso y te matara!(por cierto la chica llamada Mary murio poco despues)Para poder salvarte pega esto en otros 5 videos.ESTO ES CIERTO

  • inala1made says:

    i have a story of …
    i have a story of my own everyone lookup inala gangster on youtube and add a comment plz

  • 33FERN33 says:


  • willing111 says:

    love this channel
    love this channel

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