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Why do MOST prostitutes, gangleaders, drug lords in Asia worship Taoist gods?

I live in Asia and have witnessed this strange trend.

These people worship taoist gods and ask the gods to grant them success in these vice activities.

In my personal opinion, modern taoism with the many gods is a false religion and an evil in society.

I am Asian, Singaporean by the way.

What do you guys think about this trend?

they clearly do not truly follow Taoism. Its a very peaceful religion. It is not evil, but rather those who use it as an excuse to spread hatred or pain… It is like any other religion.


10 Responses to “Why do MOST prostitutes, gangleaders, drug lords in Asia worship Taoist gods?”

  • Ahnold says:

    And your religion is somehow true?
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  • libertywarrior says:

    I did not know about this. It is very interesting. Yes , I agree with you. It is evil.
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  • Nathan W says:

    I don’t know but a good analogy to this is what happens in the United States where a lot of gangsters and hardcore criminals wear a big cross around their neck…
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  • Xena, Warrior Monkey NorCal R&S says:

    What’s a Taoist god? There is no such thing. The Tao that cannot be named is the eternal Tao.

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  • lexi m says:

    Tao Te Ching doesn’t even have any gods….

    So I think this is some sort of pagan interpretation.

    And I don’t know any asian prostitutes, gangleaders or drug lords, so I can’t comment on the trend.
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  • Deimos T says:

    Different society, so therefore they have been around Taoists more than Christians. Its the spiritual environment that they were brought up in
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  • dub-a- licious says:

    and you wouldn’t be biased on this topic, right?
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  • clark.robert57 says:

    Taoism has no gods.Could it be a regional practice?
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  • Misses M says:

    Religion and evil go hand in hand.

    without religion , it’s much harder to do evil.
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  • DD (Hater of Twilight) says:

    I can’t comment, but…how exactly do YOU know what their religions are? Is there something you’re not saying?
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