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Suzannah B. Troy with love from The Metropolitan Museum NYC

2 Suzannah B. Troy with love from The Metropolitan Museum NYC With love from Suzannah from The Met Museum. I am over exhausted as if I am “post traumatic stressing” yet I love my youtube pals from across the USA and abroad so this is for you with love.

I even mention Mickey Rourke because I have so many people that admire his raw talent and I am wearing that funny thrift shop hat of mine because I am having a bad hair day.

photo of Edgar in this series and on my blog
thanks, love and a big hug,
Suzannah B. Troy

ps Sad news serious cuts to the Met

Duration : 0:7:1


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6 Responses to “Suzannah B. Troy with love from The Metropolitan Museum NYC”

  • backtoharmony says:

    I love what your …
    I love what your doing. The Hocky Pucks are fun! Your onto something here, I just feel it in my bones. Your onto something big! “Greetings from Philly-Charles”

  • Superhelter says:

    I was just looking …
    I was just looking at your webpage, you certainly dont hold back on expressing yourself do you? You’re so deep, enigmatic!

  • asbusu says:

    I find your videos …
    I find your videos refreshing. You should talk more about your own art.

  • Audiomuse says:

    Thank you so much …
    Thank you so much for this video! You’ve really brightened up my day. Since I can’t be in NY at the moment, you’ve shown me a small glimpse of what I’m missing!

  • 92ninersboy says:

    I know you’re tired …
    I know you’re tired, but keep up the good work. San Francisco is so beautiful but I love seeing New York. You kind of have a child’s joy, too, you know.

  • 92ninersboy says:

    Wonderful, S. The …
    Wonderful, S. The Met is one of my very favorite places on earth – its sacred ground. I love Van Gogh and Gauguin. Your joy and enthusiasm is how I’ve felt when I’ve had the priviledge to be there. I never forget encountering Vermeer in those halls for the first time. Its a journey through the human spirit.

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